Participation in the projects is one way in which we can share our worlds, and we strongly encourage you to do so.

However, we realize that many would like to connect directly with other schools. You can! Here are some ways to accomplish that.
  • Look through the list of schools. Contact the teacher listed for each school and start a conversation. Once the teachers know each other, the classes can begin to learn and share.
  • Check out the Mystery Skype link on the left, and join. Please also fill out the Mystery Skype form so we have your school, location, time zone, and grade level(s). You do not have to talk; you do not have to use video. Just send a contact request from your Skype account to jbarnstable, and I will add you to the group. Why ask for your real name? So we know who you are, of course! Once you are added to the mystery Skype group, you can:
    • Type in the text area to the whole group
    • Ask questions, share information, reply to others
    • Arrange for classroom to classroom meetings either using Skype or Google Hangouts
    • Arrange for a mystery Skype (in which another class has to only ask yes/no questions to discover where you are)

Our friend Jose, from Honduras, has some very practical tips for collaborative projects with another school: