Book review
11 Birthdays, by Wendy Mass
* (5 stars)
11 Birthdays is about a girl named Amanda who has not spoken to her best friend Leo since her 10th birthday. They have always celebrated their birthdays together since they were both one years old. Now it is the day of their 11th birthday. The next morning, Amanda finds out that she is living her 11th birthday over and over again- and so is Leo. Is the only way for them to move on to the next day to make up?
I really loved this book because it is funny, realistic and fictional at the same time.
An example from the book for why I loved it is that I feel the same way as Amanda on my birthdays (as in excited but people don’t seem to care about it) and I was also reading this book on my eleventh birthday.
I really like Amanda Ellerby, the main character in the book because I can relate to her in many ways and she is a kind, funny and a straight forward character.
An example that shows why I liked Amanda is that I felt the same way as her when she heard Leo, her best friend, criticizing her on her birthday and I reacted the same way as her.
I think all the girls in my seventh grade class and my sister (since she is soon turning eleven) would highly enjoy this book.
A book that is similar to this one is Finally (also by Wendy Mass) because it is about a girl named Rory who is turning twelve and about all the drama she goes through.
This book was not too hard or too easy: it was just right.