The Nine Emperor Gods

The 9 Emperor Gods Festival ( 'Kew Ong Yeh' festival ) is celebrated on the first nine days of the ninth month according to the Chinese Lunar calendar every year. This festival has been celebrated for centuries even before the Qin Dynasty under the rule of Shi Huang Di, China's First Emperor ( 221 BC to 206 BC ).

This festival is held for Taoist devotees to worship the birth of the Nine Emperor Gods as was practised by their forefathers. One of the signature food offerings to the Gods is the pink or yellow tortoise buns which could be eaten by the devotees after praying. Yellow is an auspicious colour for this festival as the word 'wang' meaning yellow sounds like its homonym 'ong' (in Hokkien) meaning 'luck'.

This year more than a hundred floats from various temples, shrines, associations and organizations across the country took part in a street procession in Ipoh a.k.a. 'The Town That Tin Built' on Sunday, 13 October, 2013. Members of the public turned up as early as 6 a.m. to line the streets of Ipoh waiting for the procession to start at 8.00 a.m. on 13 October, 2013 (Sunday).

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Thanks to Veronica Woo, Ipoh, Malaysia