foodsidebar.jpgHave a recipe to add? Follow these simple steps.
  1. Be sure recipe is original, not copied from a published book or the Internet.
  2. Have photos ready to add that you (or family) have taken yourself.
  3. Be sure all your information is correct and complete.
  4. To ADD A RECIPE click on "Pages and Files" on the toolbar to your left.
  5. Choose NEW PAGE from the options available.
  6. Name the PAGE with the name of your recipe (for example: Fried Chicken or Donuts etc.)
  7. Choose the TEMPLATE named "recipe"
  8. Add a TAG for the type of food you are making.
. Here are the TAGS to choose from so your recipe will appear in the proper menu.
  • dessert
  • dinner
  • appetizer
  • soup
  • sauce
  • salad
  • vegetable
  • bread
  • dumpling
  • pancake
  • pasta
  • spread
  • snack
  • pizza
If your recipe does not show up in the menu, contact Janet Barnstable ( and tell her the name of your recipe,
so she can check the tag and get it published.