Beef Tomato Soup

Grace Lee, Taiwan

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  • green pepper
  • green onion
  • garlic

  • chopped beef
  • garlic
  • green onion
  • gnger
  • wine
  • salt
  • soy sauce
  • water as needed
  • tomatoes and/or chili sauce to personal taste


1. use one or half green pepper, cut it to pieces. 3 garlics, just little ones, green onions maybe one little piece

2. use the blender to mix all of above with water, until green water appears

3. pour the green water into a bigger pan with depth, and boil it with the chopped beef pieces, until you see the dirty bloody water comes out


4. throw off the dirty bloody water, clean the beef pieces with clean water
step 4.JPG
5. just put in the clean beef pieces into the big pan again
add garlics, green onion and ginger,

add wine

step 7.JPG
add salt

step 9.JPG
Cook about 1.5 hours until the beef is very soft.
While this is cooking add some fresh or chopped up canned tomatoes. Chili sauce also makes a great addition!