Name of Book: Best Friends and Drama Queens (Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls, #3)

Author: Meg Cabot

Reviewed by: Oumiie Jeng
School: International Community School of Abidjan
Age: 14
This book is good for ages: Teenagers

Allie gets excited when she learns that that they are getting a new student from Canada! Mostly because that means she won’t be the new girl anymore. But when she meets Cheyenne (the new girl) who finds them immature and that they act like babies, Allie was even depressed of having a new girl. She bossed them around and even insulted their game called “Queens “. A game where they had to act like queens and fight. I loved the way Allie wasn't influenced by Cheyenne. She kept strong and said what she wanted to say especially when Cheyenne forced her to go out with Joey Fields who is one of those nasty boys who act as if there’s nothing to do in life just pink my nose and eat them , draw some weird dinosaurs and try to scare people with. One of the things I disliked in this book was how Allies other friends were influenced by Cheyenne. I mean, they should learn to respect themselves and not respect a bossy girl. Overall, this book was an amazing and if I were you, I would read it.

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