Mystery Skype (Google Hangouts) are great, but what next? What ideas do you have for communication/collaboration? You can add to this Google Doc started by Anne Mirtschin form Australia.
Below is the first idea copied from that document that is particularly good when speaking with a school whose first language is different:

Memory Game
  1. Collect 10 objects and place them in a bag (eg scissors, newspaper, mug, ruler, dice etc)
  2. Display each one, one at a time to the distant class over skype and
  3. Say the name of the object
  4. Hide the objects back in the bag
  5. Students have to come up to the webcamera, name each of the 10 objects in the language of the initiating class.
  6. Students could then name the objects in their first language and other class repeat the name
There could be a number of variations on this game
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