Christmas is celebrated in Christian homes and countries as the birthday of Christ. Many traditions have grown around this winter celebration including things like the Christmas Tree, which originally came from Germany, and the putting out of shoes on St. Nicholas day which originated in Holland, and the traditional fruit cake from England. In many European countries there is a festival around Christmas which is called "Christmas Markets". Many decorations and traditional foods are for sale as well as rides and all kinds of fun.
Here are some Holiday traditions in Greece from Winners Education Language School. [if not visible click here: ]

Louise Morgan shared the video of the yearly Christmas play.
Her daughter singing JingleBellRock when she was little.

Christmas in Fort Worth, Texas -- thanks to Preston Morgan

Percy Julian Middle School (grades 6-8) Winter Concert - Oak Park, Illinois USA. You can listen online or download.

We don't have Santa here in Austria, wie have "Baby Jesus" who brings the presents, (after attending church services in the evening) Food: in most Austrian home, people will be eating smoked sausages (cooked) with sourkraut. [Katherine, Austria]
Silent Night, Holy Night was composed in Austria:

We 'celebrate' on Christmas Day ... we value our sleep too much to attend Midnight Mass, but have church in morning, then presents -
and will have cold roast chicken for lunch. It is going to be 39C so we're skipping the hot meal. [Michael, Perth, Australia]

From Lin Lin in Taiwan - Play the smilebox and listen to the children sing!

Many non-Christians participate in the giving spirt of Christmas and certainly the businesses of the world have taken advantage of the season to sell, sell, sell.
Here are a albums of images as we celebrate the season.
Christmas Markets
Commercial Christmas
SJCPOS Christmas

SJCPOS Christmas 2012- Form 1s

Christmas Celebration in Indonesia - Google Hangout with HLWSkypers

Greetings from Russia!