Cream Potatoes

Brought to you by: In the Kitchen with Tobo, USA

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  • 1 kg potatoes cream potatoes.jpg
  • 4 onions
  • 100g butter (unsalted)
  • salt & ground black pepper


1. Peel the onions and potatoes, slice them
2. Grease the bottom of the cooking dish/pan with some butter
3. Put a half of the potatoes into the cooking dish, season the potato layer with salt and pepper
4. Put the onion slices on the potatoes. Slice the butter, put some pieces of the sliced butter onto the onion layer
5. Cover it all with the other half of the potatoes, sprinkle some salt on the potatoes
6. Put the rest of the butter on the last potato layer
7. Pour some boiling water into the pan (slightly above the level of the buttered potatoes)
8. Simmer it all (low heat) for 40 minutes