Is March 21 in Spring or Fall in your part of the world? Or do your seasons not change much at all?
Send us ONE picture of your Equinox Day and let's look at the whole world. All we ask is that the picture be taken on March 21, 2013.
Along with the picture send your name, your city, country (Canada and USA please add State/Province)
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Brigid Stevens, New Zealand

Dana Rancanelli - Texas, USA

Neblina Otoño sml.jpg
Santo Tomé, Santa Fe, Argentina

Anne Mirtschin-Hawkesdale P12 College Victoria, Australia

Here is a photo taken today at school when students who barrack for Geelong were delighted to have two AFL players visit the school for a football clinic. Students learned to handball and kick the footy - Australian style. It was a day of all seasons, with rain about to pour down and very windy conditions.
Gyöngyi- Balatonboglár, Hungary

It was cold, not a typical spring time. The temperatute is about 2-5 C, it was raining.
March 21ST at CAG.JPG
The scent from these flowers outside the library was incredibly beautiful.
CAG Library Garden on Spring Equinox March 21.jpg
American School of Guatemala Library Garden
In Guatemala City we only have two seasons - dry and wet. We are finishing dry season and moving into wet. In fact last evening (March 21st) we had the first real rain.

It was wonderful to hear the rain beating down and smell the ground. It only lasted for about 10 minutes.

The temperature is basically Spring all year round though yesterday when I took these pictures it was 82 F (28C).
Janet Barnstable & Catherine - Addison, Illinois USA

Last year it was 80° F (26.6 C); this year 16°F (-8.8C) Brrrrr.
Theresa Allen-Joliet, Illinois USA

Stefan Nielsen-Vonsild School, Kolding, Denmark
-2 deg. C and snowy, no wind!
Effie Kyrikakis-Athens, Greece

Brenda Hallowes-Prep School - Port ElizabetBrenda Hallowes Computer Teacher Cotswoldh, South Africa

It's a public holiday here - Human Rights Day. This photo was taken a few minutes ago in a corner of my back yard in the late afternoon sunshine. Temperature here now is about 22deg C.
Divya Aneja-New Delhi, India

21st of March in Brasov, Romania...We were waiting for thr sun all the day long but...
Maria Colussa-view from the garden

Tatyana Chernaya-Moscow, Russia
Tatyana Chernaya-Moscow, Russia

Renee Haywood-Port of Spain Trinidad, West Indies

It's a normal school day, so at lunchtime, students are packed in the library getting caught up on work or reading... on kindles and nooks, on phones and in print!
Port of Spain Trinidad, West Indies

Today in Port of Spain, it is a little overcast, but still warm (as usual) at 31C. Outside some Form 1s practicing a dance for their class this evening.
Preston Morgan, Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Cloudy, high 75F (24C) low 55F (13C).
Louise Morgan, Sycamore Elementary, Fort Worth, TX

Windy - high 75F (24C) low 55 (13C) - We celebrated equinox day by making pretty flowers out of coffee filters!