Free Verse Poems

by Ms. Racanelli's 6th Grade


There are many types of sports
There is football, softball,and baseball too
So you should give sports a try,because they keep you healthy
They push you to limits you never knew you could reach
Sports teach you to never give up
That is why so many kids around the world play sports
Stomp,stomp they run and play
Stomp stomp all through the day
I watched the stallions gallop, and I watched the horses trot
The sun beats down
The sweat shines on their back
As they settle for the night
Im forced to say goodbye
And when I'm called away, I wipe the tears from my face
Pigs Play Basketball

They sit there shooting hoops
shakin their bacon
They worked up a sweat,and
they take a break
I wonder if this is real
Then I wake up and it was all a dream.

By:Hannah and Taylor


I shoot with guns, pellets, and ammo,
and I aim for dove,dear, and rabbit.
I found a deer grazing in a meadow,
locked in my sights and popped it dead.
I brought back my game,
and we cooked it right away.

By: Kade, Clay, Lauren, Karleigh, Ryle
My Pencil Bag

Their are bundles of sticky notes.
Theirs a flash drive.
I have pencils and, I have hi-lighters.
I have earbuds.
I have glue sticks that I use.
I have erasers.
I have color pencils that twist, and color pencils that don't.

By: Brian, Andrew, Even, and Braiden