What fun it is to dress up and pretend to be someone else! Halloween has become a time when children (of all ages) can do just that. Although the origins of Halloween may be somewhat different, the celebration today is all about children and fun and pretend. It is also always at the end of Autumn, so Fall vegetables such as gourds and pumpkins and colored leaves are usually in abundance!
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In some countries this 'dress up' and pretend is done for Carnival, or for Purim, which occur at slightly different times. We hope to be able to add those holidays also when they come.

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First off, enjoy watching the children in Brasov, Romania make their own Halloween Jack-o-lanterns. Their teacher is Livia Dobrescu.
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Autumn fairy tale in Maksim Gorki Primary school - Slavka Borislavova

Cornelia Melcu - Romania

Cerassela Anghel - Romania

Matt Kuntz - Lincoln School, Oak Park Illinois, USA

Bulgaria, Stara Zagora city, The Fifth primary school - Multilingual Classroom 2012/2013
Halloween party glog