Holoobtseee (Stuffed Cabbage)

Brought to you by: Sasha S.. Form 7B, Gymnasium 5, Melitopol, Ukraine

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800 g of cabbage
Photo: {{PD}} by Zserghei

half glass of rice
1 onion
300 g of meat
dill and parsley
sour cream
tomato juice


Boil cabbage leaves in the hot water 5-7 minutes.
Mince meat.
Boil rice.
Add minced meat, cut and fried onion, spices, and salt to the boiled rice. Mix well.
Put mixture on the cabbage leaves and wrap.
Heat oil in the frying pan and fry cabbage leaves with stuffing.
Put wrapped leaves in the pot.
Add some water, tomato juice and sour cream.
Stew in a pot until ready.
Serve with dill and parsley.
Enjoy your holoobtsee!