Photos for Class - Finding Creative Commons images through a CC Search is a good option for students. But getting students to attribute those photos correctly can add time to the work exponentially. Photos for Class removes that hassle. It automatically adds a black ribbon across the bottom of the image with the appropriate attribution.

Copyright and Images

Photos from Wikimedia:

Click the link and look at the page.

From US News & World Report contribution to the Library of Congress
Further down the page there is a link to "rights and permission on the collection"

It gives a credit line, and this is how it would be attributed:

PD - Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, U.S. News & World Report Magazine Collection, [reproduction number, e.g., LC-U9-15739, frame 18].

Also a good idea to put the original URL; then no one will have any question about it's origin.

Simpler even to understand, is an OLD ART piece: Mona Lisa
I clicked on the restored image:
Scroll down the page to PERMISSION
You will see it is public domain because it is over 100 years after the artist's death. A little further down is a link about WHEN:: to use the PD-Art tag

Your credit will read: PD-Art
Also good to include the url of the page from which you took the image so people can look for themselves.

Photos from Pics4Learning

Each image has under it a category called bibliography.
Just copy that and you're good to go.

For example this bald eagle image found at:

Credit would be:
Lau, Steve. eaglehead01.jpg. July 24, 2004. Pics4Learning. 6 Jan 2011 <>

Pics4Lerning automatically includes the date on which you found or downloaded the image, in this on you can see "6 Jan 2011". I accessed it on January 6 of 2011.


in animations, Flash, Scratch, or just to illustrate a point on the Wiki.

WPClipart -- can add to search bar on Firefox. Scroll down the page and look for Add "webclipart search to browser" Click on it. Now up in the upper left corner of Firefox you can hold down the little arrow next to the search engine that is there, probably Google, and pull down to WPclipart Search. Type in what picture you are looking for. When the results come up DO NOT go to any of the ADS by Google, but below the line look for WP's images.

Using in Flash or Scratch programs:
Credit with a statement such as:
Clip Art images are public domain from WpClipart,