Brought to you by: Rositsa Mineva, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

I prepared this dish for New Year's Eve. Its name is KAPAMA it is a traditional Bulgarian dish which we serve on Christmas and New Year's Eve







Kapama is a traditional Bulgarian dish, which is prepared in the South-West part of Bulgaria. I was a student there and studied this recipe from the local people.
Kapama is prepared by many products - a few types of meat - pork, chicken, veal, rabbit meat, and sauerkraut; you can even use preliminarily prepared stuffed cabbage leaves; sausage or black-sausage and rice can also be added to this unusual mixture.

In order to achieve the unique flavor and taste of the Kapama,
there are three important conditions:

1.The first one are spices - pepper, paprika, bay-leaves;

2. The second one is the arragement of the products and layers;

3. The third one is to bake the dish for a long period of time (at least 4-5 hours or more in low-temperature oven, in clay pot sealed with dough)


It is prepared with at least 3 types of meat –
*pork (500 g),
*veal (500 g)
*chicken (500 g);
*1 piece of sauerkraut
*1 glass of rice,
*400 g sausage,
*pepper, paprika and salt according to your preferences
*dough for smearing.
For additional fragrance you can add a small glass of red wine
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