Internet Safety

1. Recognize Private information; Keep it Private.

Download this file: from CyberSmart [] which explains the difference between personal information and private information. For younger students, the second page will reinforce the topic and teachers can check for understanding. Older students should be able check their understanding through peer discussion. This is a good presentation for that crowd. It was created by Karl Hopwood

2. Strangers Online

While our WIKI is private, which means that only the registered teachers and their students can write things, and we can form great relationships, they still are strangers. Go back to rule #1 ---- never share private information.

3. Security

Do not share your login information even with your very best friend. Young students may share this information with parents and/or their teacher. Use a good password. Good passwords are usually at least 6 characters, and have at least one number, several letters, and at least one of those symbols above the numerals on the keyboard.