Safety and Citizenship

Use of a Wiki

We all use a Wiki almost every day, when we search Wikipedia for information.
  • Wikispaces videos - how to use them! Best information is from those who created the product.
  • What is a Wiki? A spot where multiple people can share information on the web, using any browser, and without knowing any programming language. Video link to an example of how a Wiki can be used - in this case, to prepare for a camping trip.
  • As a Clubhouse participant, teachers can watch this video to Join WikiSpaces and learn how to edit. Students will not need to join individually, since their teachers will send us a list, but they will need to know how to edit pages.



TeachersFirst - free site with many resources, policies, methods for Tech Integration.

Creating Avatars

An avatar represents you. Teachers know real student identities, but especially students up to 13, we ask you NOT to use your real name. Here are a few sites that are fun and safe.