Have you read a good book lately that you think others would like to read?
Do you love to write your own stories?
Are you a poetry lover who writes poems yourself?
Are you an artist who reads stories and loves to draw pictures to go with the story?

read.jpegWelcome to the Literature Corner!

There is a place here for all of you.Idea generated by St Marks Senior Secondary School, Meera Bagh, New Delhi, India

To begin, click Pages and Files from the left -- then choose New Page from Template . Name the page the same as the title of the book or story or poem.
Book review template is called:bookreview Add the tag: bookreview Story writing template is called: story Add the tag: story Poem template is called: poem Add the tag: poemEssay template is called: essay Add the tag: essay
If you draw an illustration, send it to jbarnstable@gsbi.org Include your name/age as artist and the name of the book or story or poem for which you drew it.
There is also a page of student reading videos!
Book Reviews

Original Stories

Tall Tales

Original poems



Written by Mr. K's 5th grade students, Glenview, Illinois
Allesondro The Genius by Melissa N.
The Tale of John Joe by Tudor U.
Paulina Bunyan by Victoria A.
The Smart Patricia by Daniela O.
Charlie Phishman by Michael R.
Million Dollar Arm by Emma B.
Mark Dalevon and His Halo Sniper by Harry V.
Lamar Davis: The Great Hand by Daniel K.
Billy Davis by Isaac Z.
Guy Superstealth by Luke M.
Paul Bunyan retold by Natalie J.
Hector Vanshweezy by Grace P.
Steven Philips by Gavin G.
Jack Bolt by Ronan S.
Paul Bunyan retold by Declan H.

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