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Things to remember when joining a discussion.

Discussions provide an opportunity for teachers and students to Speak Out. Do remember that you are representing not only yourself, but also your school and country.

Target group = A

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  • Use your best writing, no slang. This is not IM, but a discussion. Not every person will be a native English speaker.
  • Disagree courteously.
  • Never insult others.
  • Avoid meaningless comments like "me too" or "I agree", instead add meaningful reasons why!
  • Do you have a pet?
  • Do you think people should have pets?
  • Is a pet a possession or another living creature who shares your space?
  • What kinds of animals are good pets? What kind are not?
  • Are some kinds of animals more naturally able to live with people?

Here is a gallery of animals from a small zoo in Israel. Do zoo animals make good pets? Can you tell which of the animals in this gallery can be pets, which can be farm animals, and which are only for living in the wild?
Discussion target groups: Each discussion can invite as many participant target groups as desired.
  • T - teachers only
  • S - secondary (teens) only
  • M - middle (10-13) only
  • E - elementary (up to 10)
  • A - ALL - discussion invites everyone to participate
  • Teachers may comment in all discussions

Find the pictures of pets here. You can also find pets from Rick Glass and his class here.
You can find images, pictures, drawings and writings about pets from around the world. Please add your pet or send pictures, images and creative work to Marsha at