Name of Book:Shelter

Author: Harlen Coben

Reviewed by: Jordan
School: International Community School of Abidjan

This book is good for ages:13-16
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Harlen Coben
Shelter, by Harlen Coben was about a new to town teenage boy named Mickey, whose best and only friend, Ashley, mysteriously disappears. Consequently, Mickey feels it is his responsibility to find her hoping she is safe. With help from other friends of Mickey, Mickey finds himself overcoming haunted houses, criminals, bullies and teenage hardships to miraculously find Ashley.

The book Shelter was one of the most thought-provoking books that I have read this year. It contained so many symbols and foreshadowing that kept me thinking from cover to cover. For example, the picture of a butterfly on the cover at first made me wonder what that is and why it’s there but as I continued to read the book, it all made sense. In addition, the book was extremely suspenseful and prevented me from ever putting the book down. Thus, I very much enjoyed this book.

My favorite character in the book Shelter is Spoon. Spoon is one of Mickey’s friends in the book that helps him find Ashley. Spoon is my favorite character because his loyalty is stunning. He is also very smart and open. Moreover, spoon disobeyed his parents’ order to stay in the house at night and drives in to a bar saving Mickey and Ashley from being killed. Spoon also has an interesting fact for everything.
I would definitely recommend many other students to read this phenomenal book. I think it would be best suited to 9th grade boys as the difficulty of the book was in between just right and challenging. I think that many Walter Dean Myers books have similar plots and writing styles to the book Shelter. They are both about teenage boys who go through intense obstacles to achieve something.
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