Soft Shelled Crab

Brought to you by: Janet Barnstable, USA

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  • one or two soft shelled crab per person. In season live is good, but all year round frozen ones are available and very good


Soft shelled crabs have recently molted their exoskeletons. Most often the variety available is the blue crab.
The first step is to clean the crab. Even if the fish monger does this for you, it's still a good idea to inspect them and look for any yellow bits (gills) and apron. It won't hurt to leave any bits, but will be even better with just the luscious crab and shell without any of the chewy bits. If you clean them entirely yourself snip off the eye stalks as well.
Cleaned crab

Do not boil or steam these as you would other crab, as they need direct heat for the shells to crisp.
We bread them and then deep fry. It only takes a couple minutes for them to cook!
Waiting to take the plunge!

Lastly serve. Here it is with some cole slaw and fries for a 4th of July dinner, but often they are served with a salad or between two pieces of bread.
Dinner is served.

Enjoy this easy to make delight!