Getting Started as a member of the Clubhouse Wiki

Teachers Request Membership

  • First fill out the Clubhouse Registration Form found here.
  • An invitation to join the Wiki will be sent.
  • Submit the number of students to:
    • Students' names will be created using the first letters of your school and a number. (In some cases, additions may need to be made to the school name if there are duplicate names.)
    • Student usernames and passwords will be sent back to the teacher in charge.
    • The teacher will need to keep a list of which number belongs to which student.
    • (Click on [MyAccount] after login to change the password.)

First Steps - teachers:

  • Click on the Schools link on the left. Follow the directions to create a page about your school with input from your students. You can go back and make changes or additions at any time. Remember, it is really important to write school in the tags as that will put your school on them schools menu.
  • Take a look at other schools; check often as this changes as schools continue to join.
  • Publish a link to this Wiki so it is easy for students to access from school or home. Your blog, website, or school website will work. If you don't yet have a web presence, ask your school web producer for help.
  • Click on the Lessons link on the left and read and teach the Safety and Citizenship lessons. Don't assume the students know this unless you have already taught them.

First Steps - Students:

  • Create and name your avatar. It should not be your real name if you are under high school age.
  • Look at the discussion section and contribute your thoughts.
  • Use good "school English" not SMS or slang, and never swear!
  • Think before you react. You may disagree with someone, but you must respect them.
  • If you think someone is doing something wrong, report them. There is a link on the left, "Report Abuse," just for this purpose. Your report does not show up on the Wiki, but goes directly to the moderators.