Photo courtesy of Virginia Portioli

Conversion Table U.S. to Metric and Metric to U.S.


  • flour kg. 1
  • sugar gram 400
  • pork-fat gram 400
  • water gram 200
  • a grated lemon-peel
  • one yolk
  • ammonia gram 5

Ingredients for the stuffing
    • water lt. 1
    • rough-grained semolina gr. 300
    • buttermilk curd gr. 500;
    • sugar gr. 500
    • salt gr. 20
    • four eggs
    • a pinch of vanilla
    • grated candied orange-peel or citron gr. 100


Warm the water in a baking-pan and when it's almost boiling, pour the semolina at rain, cook ten minutes and then let cold.

Work the buttermilk curd with a fork and then add the eggs, the sugar, the cinnamon, the vanilla, the candies and at last the semolina mixing the whole in manner of to make an homogeneous mixture.

Roll up the pasta at less than half a centimeter and distribute on it the stuffing in small heap at the distance of 10-12 centimeters between themselves and at the distance of 5-6 centimeters from the border.

Fold up the border in manner of cover the small heap and with a glass or a paste-cutter cut the stuffed roll in form of half a circle.

Brush the yolk on the surface of the stuffed roll and cook in oven at middle temperature before to serve at table, sprinkle with powdered sugar.