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Dot day activities for 2014
  • Make a dot of all the dots and take a photo. Sample from Pinterest. Suggestion by Louise Morgan.

  • Dots and Color recipe:
    Sycamore Elementary and The Phoenix School collaborate on the Color Recipe Project
  • Additionally using that same idea - arrange the individual dots into the universal peace symbol to connect with Peace One Day.

  • Peace symbol dot collages can be used as images to add to Lorraine's padlet.: **Peace begins with me!** - Translate that phrase to your own native language.

  • Lisa Parisi has created a VoiceThread,
    in which students can add about where they live and their message of peace. Contact Lisa for rights to post or send her your image(s):

stefandot.jpgStefan Nielsen's class from Denmark "made their mark"See their blog post.

Peter Reynolds, makes his dot!

Students from Sih-Wei Elementary School, Kaohsiung, Taiwan made a Smilebox of their dots.
You can also see them here.

Michael Graffin's students make their mark!