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We invite you to join us in a project bringing passion into the classroom! Yes, that's right: passion. We learn about, and teach others, talk - about that for which we have a passion. Why not cultivate such passion in our students?

Ask them about the passions they already have:
  • How does that passion inspire you when things are tough?
  • In what ways can your passion inspire others?
  • Can you be inspired to learn more about another's passion?
Need Inspiration?
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Don't give up! - even if you are very little...

Dot day is every day

What's our plan?

Starting with 'InternationalDotDay' in mid September, we ask students to identify their passions. Here are some ideas: See DotDay Celebrations 2013

  • Tap into passionate people: Hangouts with guest speakers that are passionate about life, their work, etc.
  • Find inspirational people who are passionate about their jobs: A fireman/woman, a storm chaser, rocket scientist, ballerina, actor, author - and let some of their passion filter to the students.
  • Listen/watch Peter Reynolds read his book: The Dot from Lorraine Leo
  • Scratch Dot Day Project - World Museum from Lorraine Leo
  • The class can make a giant Cheetah and each student can stick round post-its about things in life they are passionate about - it could be a passionate panther! You can determine what should be written on the post-its. From afar, it will look like a cheetah up close, you will get to learn about the things that your class are passionate about. from Steve Sherman
  • Augmented Reality - Create a dot and use it as a trigger image. Create an aura explaining your dot. Share your channel so others can access. from David Karnoscak Upload or send us the trigger images to post here.

Rolling right into 'International Peace Day' we are running world wide Google Hangouts: "Passionate about Peace".

2013 Peace Day Activities from Around the World.
  • Passionate about Peace could be a cool theme - Develop Peace in our homes/schools/communities - peer counselling, Anti Bullying productions and plays for the Kindergarten students. In order to empower others about bullying, it is essential to research the topic. Why do people bully ? Who do they bully ? What can you do about it? When you make your little plays, use everyday life situations that the students can relate to. Then give them a scene - play the scene over but this time with tips and suggestions on how you could have handled the situation differently. Your Local Church youth, Scouts, Girl Scouts - there are plenty audiences out there that need to hear the messages from young people. Maybe make a video like a PSA ?
  • Introduce the students to new passions - things they might never have tried or done before.
  • Gymnastics, Rocketry, Cooking, Video making, sewing, Photoshop, fishing, computer game design, website design, problem solving and brain teasers, etc - it’s about climbing out of your comfort zone to try something new - perhaps it might become your new passion? Offer the students a chance to pick 2 out of 10 activities they have never done before. Encourage them to pick activities that are out of their comfort zones - they should be open minded and willing to learn. The point is to teach them that there is passion around us and sometimes if we are not willing to take risks, we will never learn of these passions. Our passions could be about saving the world but if we are too afraid to learn new things, we might never get to the point of changing the world.
  • Why not start a PEACE Pinterest and get teachers all over the world to add their ideas too
  • Peace one Day: my students have collected quotes about peace in various languages. What does the quote mean, who said it? How does it impact you?

Coming up to Fall with many harvest festivals, thanksgiving celebrations, etc., we will concentrate on how our passions help us grow. Not just bigger and stronger, but also grow in kindness and understanding.

Winter holidays and gift giving time... in what ways can they share their passion with others in the world?

  • During the months of December/January, we'd like to hear from you and see what passions have been sparked.
  • How? What does the passionate person think? Do they want to create a video? a VoiceThread? an Augmented Reality poster? Perhaps they want to program a game or create an app or make a web page.
  • We can help. If you need web server space, we can provide it. If you want you can put things on this wiki or email for us to put it online. [ ] We also support DropBox. Again just email and you'll be given a link to a DB folder.