Ideas and activities developed by "Peace One Day" United Nations International Day of Peace this year is Friday, September 21.

Teachers: Natalia, Olga, Svetlana
The other day we were texting in the Skype group about PeaceOneDay (Sept 21) The teacher in Russia, Tatyana, talked about a very simple song she'd learned in Russian and English when she was in school. I told her about a song I'd taught, and would you believe, it was the SAME SONG. We've decided to put together a "many country" singing of this song.
So... here is a very BASIC piano file for the "Russian-English" peace & friendship song: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/nhjdbdlihhkikn8/6OdOJshed4 The words in English are also there.
The idea is for each group to record using this file for pitch and tempo. You may add local instruments as long as you maintain the pitch and tempo, because then some "putting together" can be done. Translate to your own language and sing in THAT language. Send video or mp3 and 5 or 6 images to jbarnstable@gmail.com or email for access to the Dropbox folder.

Share your peace activities, poems, stories, videos, etc.If you are a member of the wiki, you can make your own page. Add a tag [peace2012] and it will automatically appear in the menu. Alternately you can contact marsha@gsbi.org and send her your students' work.
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