How to create a page
What to write on your page
Adding Pictures
  1. In the menu items at the right, click the + sign for Pages and Files
  2. Name your page with YOUR first name and country
  3. Add the Tag: olympics2014
  4. Save the tag
  5. Create the page
  • All countries want to be winners, so avoid statements like "we are the best" or "no one can beat us"
  • DO emphasize what you like about that particular sport.
  • Is it one in which you participate?
  • Can you tell some of the hard things about learning it?
  • Would you like to be in the olympics some day?
  • You may add pictures of the sport, but if you take them from the Internet, be sure you follow copyright rules.
  • Only use Creative Commons images
  • Take photos yourself or have someone take a photo of you participating in the sport.
  • Pictures you draw yourself are always OK to use.