Streamed live on Sep 19, 2013 - International Peace Day 2013 Students Share (Australia and Massachusetts.)

Thank you to Anne Mirtschin for recording.

Peace Padlet started by Tatyana in Russia - Add your peace wishes from around the world.
Skype/Google Hangout pictures with Tatyana's students and HLWSkyper classes.

Steve Sherman, CapeTown, South Africa, is interviewing Ena Hewitt, whose family took a month off from their privileged lifestyle to live in a township (i.e. shanty town) in Johannesburg.... it was a one bedroom shack with no water/toilet/etc.
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They did it to find out how the poorest of the poor live everyday here in South Africa... it will be a real eye opener and it will be a talk that suggests the importance of knowing where other people come from and walking a mile in their shoes.... this is how we make peace.

Hello Little World Junior Swathi Jyothish lead her friends at the Peace One Day Global Conversation by WikiEducator Sebastian Panakal of GeoGebra Institute of Kerala, Startup Village, Kerala, India. Connecting teachers from her home, she wins hearts abroad. GeoGebra at Startup Village has plans to invite schools and colleges to participate at the Participant Certificate Award Ceremony arranged on 2nd October, Gandhi Jayanthi. Social Networking Homes Connect families, schools and teachers online, forming a global Parent Teacher Association to tap global social capital, while Student Educational Entrepreneurship in Networked Areas (SEENA) develop.

Louise Morgan - The Frugal Teacher - and her second grade peace makers. Marvelous ideas here like the 'breathe to 4 and smile' and send 'positive drops' to others.