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Lisa Parisi organized a Peace Day video. 33 schools from 17 countries participated.

Peace Pledge from Afton Elementary 4th graders


Fourth graders were very serious about Peace, and also created (and put in community) Pinwheels for peace and messages of peace.

More from Afton Elementary: Kindergarden's Pinwheels for Peace; Grade 2 Pinwheels for Peace

Lorraine Leo's padlet.: **Peace begins with me!** - Translate that phrase to your own native language.

Lisa Parisi has created a VoiceThread,
in which students their message of peace. Contact Lisa for rights to post or send her your image(s):

Fun Peace Quiz in Kahoot Created by Steve Sherman. You can try this with your students.

Little Stars from Sih-Wei Elementary School, Kaohsiung, Taiwan created Dots as well as messages of Peace. They recognized desirable qualities in themselves.
Peace begins with each of us and as we find our own peace, we can pass peace on...

Interview by Steve Sherman with Chaeli Mycroft and Laura Lasance