School's Name

Açı Okulları (Açı Schools)

According to the definition of Açı Schools, a successful school is one that:
  • Offers education in harmony with its philosophy and beliefs
  • Is transparent, clear and sincere with its planning, execution, administration and assessment
  • Has confidence in and support for the cooperation, the sharing and the success of teamwork
  • Is efficient in preparation and pre-planning
  • Considers the individual needs of its students
  • Achieves continuous progress via observation and self assessment
  • Owns a well-balanced attitude towards the process of education and maturation
  • Has internalized research and inquiry as a lifestyle
  • Is aware of its responsibilities both as an institution and as a social unit
  • Values and tolerates diversity and variety at school life
  • Is an institution fully aware of its duties to the society, and to our country as well as to its students
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As Açı Schools, we aim to be all of the above- and more....


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Akanksha Misra
My name is Akanksha and I have been working on and off for about 2 years with Açı. I am originally from India, but love being in Istanbul and a part of a fun English Department Team in Açı Middle School. I am currently working with kids in grades 6 and 7 in a variety of projects meant variously to engage, entertain, and promote social awareness. Our main "gang" of students for the GVC Clubhouse initiatives will be a group of 6th graders. We are looking forward to a lot of fun on this wiki! Please visit us at: . Thanks!
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