Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Continent: Europe

Brought to you by: Rose Comp Class

Population Density

Our city is in a urban area.
Most people live in apartments.
The average family has 2 children.
When young people marry, they move in with parents, build their own place, buy or rent their own place....all these.


Most people go to work by car.
Most students go to school by car or walking - the school in the central art of the city and kids live around it
What modes of transportation do families own? - Usually own family cars or vans.


This is what the weather is like where I live.
Now here it is winter. This is the Community hall in the center of Stara Zagora city with Christmas decorations.252347_474499622591449_383180206_n.jpg
This is the view from our school window







Our main language is: Bulgarian
We also study English at schools. Young generation speaks English.


What are the religions where we live.- to know more click to see on wallwisher - video says all about our beautiful country and my last year students made a glog presentation about our city.The Valentines glog is from my current students, some of them are members of Multilingual Classroom


The glog is made 2 years ago, but my students did it with so great passion, the video also so I decided not to change anything. At this moment Bg government left the leadership and the mayor of the our city is Zhivko Todorov