Name of Book: Beautiful Creatures

Author: Kami Garcia
external image Beautiful-Creatures-2013.jpg
Reviewed by: Nour Awada
School: International Community School of Abidjan
This book is good for ages: 12-20

The book is about a boy called Ethan who is always dreaming of a girl he has never seen until the day she came to the only school they could find in a small southern town called Gatlin, at Jackson. There was something inexplicable with her. She was way too pretty & too mysterious to be a simple girl. Lena Duchannes as she's named, is the niece of a man who no one had ever seen and who lives in the oldest house of Gatlin Ravenwood manor. Ethan and Lena will become more than friends but unfortunately, Their love is already lost because Lena is keeping a Big secret. 11th, February. That the date where Lena will be call to become Light or Dark because she's an enchantress and her family was cursed from generations now.

I loved this book, the story is really interesting and you'll never be able to guess what will happen because it is way too mysterious. A part of the book that I really liked was when Macon (Lena's uncle) went out of his house to defend Lena because the daughter of Mrs. Asher was telling lies about her.
"“Are you insinuating' that my daughter is a liar?"
"Oh, no, not at all. I'm saying your daughter is a liar. Surely you can appreciate the difference.” (page 375)

A character that I really liked in the book is Macon. Melchizedek Ravenwood is not Gatlin's creepy shut-in as rumors swirl around the town. He is such a gentleman and did not fear anyone. He was exactly the opposite of what all the people of Gatlin was accusing him to be. He has her best interests in mind, even if his parenting strategy may not be the most effective.

I recommend this book to everyone starting 8th Grade and if you like it, I'm sure you will also love the other ones of the series and you'll get to know the story of Ethan & Lena, the modern version of Romeo & Juliette