The third grade students in Paterson, New Jersey spent the year sharing their 'Global Points of View'. At the end of the year they wrote -

Here is a sampling of their work. See all of them, and hear the children read them here.
We Stand Free...We Stand Proud
by Taheem Williams

We stand free...we stand proud because we can!
It's America!
Freedom is a like a breeze
A breeze that will touch your soul.
It gives us the opportunity to start over.
You will have everlasting hope.
You can reach for the stars
because you're free.
Just remember, we stand free...we stand proud!
by Gabrielle Batista

Equality for
Everyone. It is
Obtainable, and
Freedom is Fair
by Michael Rodriguez

Freedom is fair.
We should respect freedom.
We should always love freedom.
Freedom is like a bird flying in the sky.

Lady Liberty shows a sign of freedom.
Freedom should be allowed everywhere.
Freedom makes your wishes come true.
We all desire freedom because freedom is fair.

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