Where in the World? While traveling, Michael Soskal made some videos for my students to play a game. Feel free to play with your students as well. In each video I give you 5 clues, and you have to guess the location, animal, etc. I'd love it if your students would make a video and share it back with me to use with my kids as well. I'll be having my students do that during the year. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRRz6dizF3l5UM8s6_xBJZtFcYd02u6Y7

HelloLittleWorld Skypers - connected educators month video

Projects by JenOnline projects for PreK-6 classrooms. Using various ideas, Jennifer will help you understand how online projects will help you make the most of your time in a variety of ways. Winning numerous awards for her creative ways in encouraging teachers to collaborate, her teaching style is very user friendly, creative, and personable. Originates in San Diego, California.

Global Classroom Project 2013/14 - http://globalclassroom2013-14.wikispaces.com/

The One Moment Project - 12/12/12 at 12:12pm. Originated in Denmark

Christmas Around the World - Global Classroom project. Originates in Texas, USA

Multilingual Classroom with GlogsterEDU -
The third graders from the Fifth Primary school in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria are working in PenPals Classroom on Glogster Edu and they are communicating with students all around the globe by using new technologies of web 2.0.

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World Tour Project
Share your country, school, neighborhood, national anthem...
World tour instructions
Contact: livingmaths1@gmail.com for more information
Originates in South Africa.

"What makes me HAPPY"
Global Project We all realize how essential it is for everyone, especially children, to learn to focus on the positive side of their lives. A child who learns to do that from an early age is more content, effective in dealing with challenges, a better friend and partner in life. Originates in Greece.

Orangutan Conservation Project - Participation by Edgewood Elementary with the Philadelphia Zoo to help save orangutans from becoming extinct. Originates in Philadelphia.

Light A Candle Around the WorldJackson School fourth graders sang 'Light the Candle All Around the World' for their holiday concert on December 15th. We would like to invite you to send us a photo or drawing of your students lighting a candle from wherever in the world you are located so that we can include it on our Google Map. We hope you will join us on this very special project. Originates in Newton, Massachusetts.