Book Review

Title: The Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima

Rating: 4.5
This is the story about Han Alister and Raisa Ana ‘Marianna. Both protagonists have two very different lives. While Han is a former street gang leader known as the Raggers, Raisa is having the good life and is even approaching her 16th name day part But things change when they cross paths, perhaps even changing their fates.

I loved the story because of the intensity of both protagonists going different paths, but resulting in meeting each other. For example when Raisa wants to give money and food to the trading area known as Southbridge, Han ironically goes to the person that she will give all the money to, and finds himself capturing her. This creates a lot of action and intensity within the story. Han is my all-time favorite character because he is always thinking straight and loves to take many risks in order to get things done. For example when he decided to jump into his house that the wizards lit up on fire, he does not succeed into saving his family, but I think it could have been one of the most heroic things that especially helped shape the story.

I recommend this very dense and easy to read book to any teen who loves fantasy. It is somewhat similar to the Percy Jackson series.

[authorimage:Cinda Williams Chima|125308][author:Cinda Williams Chima|125308]